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Financial Advisory Management & Business Consulting

As one of the region's upcoming leading and most diverse financial advisory firm, Elite Edge Consult serves the needs of our clients by offering a world-class project funding platform coupled with straightforward, intelligent advice. We attribute our long-term success to our commitment of always putting clients' interests first; whether it's raising capital for new ventures or to meet growth objectives for expanding businesses. Elite Edge Consult also offers wealth management, capital markets, going public, mergers and acquisition, restructuring, risk and research platform of unrivalled strength and scale.

Elite Edge Consult has long standing strategic alliances with major banks, financial institutions, and hedge funds. These strategic partnerships and relationships consist of some of the most prestigious financial institutions in the world.

Through our local Partners, Elite Edge Consult also offers a diversified, multi-line Investment Banking Division, authorized to advise and arrange financial services to our clients.

We specialize in providing value-added advice and services to our clients on complex strategic and financial decisions and transactions focused around Fund Raising, Mergers and Acquisitions, Equity and Debt Private Placements, Initial Public Offerings, Corporate Advisory, Capital Restructuring, and Wealth Management solutions for both institutional and private clients. Our approach revolves around developing individually tailored bespoke solutions for our clientele across all three lines of our business: Investment Banking, Private Fund Raising and Corporate Finance Solutions.

We provide financing solutions that are tailored to our clients' unique needs, executed by industry experts, and backed by a strong asset base.

Providing Financial Strength to our clients

We principally arrange for senior debt in the form of loans for high ticket size projects. Our strength lies in our effective loan process, industry expertise, international origination platform, outstanding credit work, strong management, and strong asset base.

Combined, these attributes allow us to offer customized financial solutions to you in the leveraged finance, corporate finance, private fund raising, and security industries.

Elite Edge Consult has completed several finance and investment projects for both Private and Public-sector clients.

Focused on Solutions

Elite Edge Consult (EEC) provides clients with comprehensive advisory services in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, financial advisory, capital raising, financial restructurings and valuations.

If your company is facing its own unique special situation, whether caught in a volatile industry or unstable economy, facing capital constraints from its lender or pressure from a subordinated debt holder or is challenged by operational or legal issues, we will work with you to find the best strategic alternatives. That's what EEC does best - solving problems and presenting alternatives.

M&A Experience, Knowledge

EEC has substantial experience selling both profitable companies with balance sheet issues as well as those with cash flow issues. We have successfully completed sales effected through a sale of equity, asset sales, sale of debt securities and Receivership sale transactions.

Our objective in either a sale or merger is to maximize value for our clients and their stakeholders. Elite Edge Consult through Capital Advisors is a well-known brand throughout the special situations mergers and acquisitions industry.

Our in-depth knowledge of the sales process allows us to maximize value and, where appropriate, to serve as a voice of reason in complex and contentious transactions, presenting solutions to produce results. We understand the potentially conflicting goals and objectives of all the different stakeholders, from ownership to management to secured and unsecured creditors to employees and government agencies.

Providing Access to Capital

Elite Edge Consult has initiated, structured and negotiated numerous financing transactions at every level of the capital structure on behalf of both growing businesses and those in transition. We focus on providing solutions that are customized to the performance of the business and the objectives of the business owner.

Deep Restructuring Experience

Our team of investment analysts has in-depth experience working with middle market companies, their management and their stakeholders to facilitate both in court and out-of-court financial restructurings, including:

• Renegotiating existing senior and subordinated credit facilities

• Restructuring unsecured creditor obligations

• Restructuring the equity base

• Structuring new debt and new investments to supplement the capital needs of the restructured entity

We have the expertise to develop reorganization plans that are in the best interest of the reorganized company while taking into account all the stakeholders' goals and objectives. By determining the optimum structure of the reorganized company's balance sheet, we can help position the business for future success. We facilitate restructurings in which:

• The business plan and corresponding financial projections determine the amount of debt that can be privately placed and properly serviced by the reorganized company.

• The new equity is reset based upon a complete understanding of the position of each stakeholder and the determination of current and future value based on the proposed reorganization plan.