Elite Edge Consult

ELITE EDGE CONSULT is amongst the leading professional services firm in the region providing a comprehensive range of financial advisory and management consulting to businesses regionally. Recognized and respected for its proven track record of execution of mandates, the firm believes in creating and delivering exceptional value to its clients.

With our consultants and combined experience of over 10 years, we take pride in our extraordinary track record of executing on time and to budget. Our team of project and construction managers ensures that projects—in the building and civil engineering sectors—are planned, procured and executed to the highest standards of quality in the market.

Build Trust

We are our clients most trusted provider of these professional services by consistently exceeding their expectations and bringing the highest value to each relationship that is developed. In pursuit of this Mission and in support of its Values, we:

Provide the highest quality service to our clients by combining highly-skilled team members with our proven methodology.

Strive to support our projects with the most advanced technology to ensure we take advantage of the efficiency and accuracy that it offers.

Consistently improve our deliverables to our clients and add value to your organization.

Forge lasting relationships with our clients by listening and addressing your needs in a manner which will allow you, as well as us, to be successful.

We adhere to a set of core values and associated behaviours that define Elite Edge Consult

To be a valued partner to our clients and an asset to our communities.

We will undertake and deliver any project, regardless of size, which we pursue.

To provide a differentiated offering resulting in value-for-value returns.

We adhere to a set of core values and associated behaviours that define Elite Edge Consult

Accountability - We are performance oriented and unafraid to make decisions; we expect to be held accountable for the choices we make.

Transparency - We readily share information with others and work honestly and with integrity to inspire trust and confidence.

Teamwork - We operate as one firm, acting as team players and always working in the best interest of the company as a whole.

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Strategic Partnerships

We have aligned ourselves with a core of strategic partners for whom no deal is ever out of reach. They are among the most capable financial institutions in the world and provide us a little more financial reach to ensure the access to capital our clients need.

Elite Edge Consult has partnered with direct lenders therefore we are able to ensure prompt processing times and variety of financial products, including up to 90% project financing.